What People Are Saying

I applaud your courage and commitment to share your story.  By being vulnerable and raw, you encourage and allow others to be vulnerable as well.  Several of the speakers on stage were crying along with the audience.  Thank you for enriching the event in a profoundly important way.

Jane B.

The frankness about the difficulties and the emotions that go along with this type of communication which is easier avoided was so impressive. You have taken your own challenges and have come forward with a way to use the information and process to help others…kudos to [Libby] and Patty.

Naomi W.

I was so inspired, relieved and motivated after listening to you…  I had my dad listen to your presentation with me.  Thank you Patty and Libby for opening up this discussion and giving people like myself and my father a tool to communicate such a difficult subject, death.

Audrey K.

“Your talk struck home so closely for me.  I laughed and cried. Mostly my lasting impression was that I need to have those conversations with my mom.”

Heidi L.

“I’m so heart-fully moved to continue my conversations with my parents after listening to the two of you. I’m inspired by your courage and candor. Thank you for bringing light and grace to that which scares us!”

Susan H.

“It was inspiring and very touching for us to hear you share your private feelings for one another in demonstrating how this ‘conversation’ works.”

Kathy F.

“I applaud your presentation. WELL DONE!!! You certainly started us thinking once again about these issues and all the steps we must consider at this stage of our lives.”

Alice A.