Family Facilitation

We are honored and excited to assist your family in having the conversations of a” lifetime.” Sharing and engaging in conversations around aging and dying are liberating and transforming. As we’ve experienced from the feedback of many, these conversations produce an emotional connection that leads to a deeper understanding of self and those whom we love. It removes much of the fear and uncertainty about the later stages of life. It is a tremendous gift to the family to know what matters the most to their loved ones, what planning (financial or otherwise) needs to happen and how to act on the others behalf in difficult times. By facing the later stages of life, including death, it frees us up to fully focus on living.

The facilitation typically takes place over a two day period. Below is the general structure of the exercise:

Day One:
1) Our presentation
2) Group discussion including:
a. Initial feelings and thoughts about your email invitation;
b. Comments and questions about the presentation
c. Worksheet with a number of statements about what is or isn’t
important using a scale of 1 to 5. For example, how important is it to
have an advocate who knows your values and priorities?

3) If we still have time, discuss any new feelings and self discoveries following the above discussions. (This exercise proves to be extremely important even if individuals are reluctant to share their priorities. It starts the conversation internally and starts the desensitization of fear around aging and dying.)

Day Two:
1) Video and discussion
2) Revisit worksheet on priorities and talk about any thoughts since it was filled out.
3) Play a communication game (we will provide one or more to the group to keep and use for happy hour or dinner (with a little wine!). We will be sure to find activities that are also age appropriate for the children.
4) Discuss next steps or action steps
5) Closure

*We may revise some of this as we dig deeper, and we need to know the ages of family members and total number expected.

Please contact Patty Bortz for more information @ 303-919-9468,