About The Presentation

Mother and Daughter:
Facing Life’s Last Chapters Together

Share Their Emotional Journey and Learn How to Embark on Your Own

In presentations to groups throughout the Denver metro area, Libby and Patty Bortz share their emotional journey as mother and daughter discussing the difficult topics of aging, dying and what matters most in the later chapters of life. They help other sons, daughters, fathers, mothers and partners learn how to start such critically important conversations with their own loving yet reluctant family members. View a short preview below.

To learn how you can request the presentation for your group, or to purchase a video of the full presentation and accompanying booklet, contact Patty Bortz by email lastchapters8@gmail.com or phone, (303) 919-9468.

The frankness about the difficulties and the emotions that go along with this type of communication which is easier avoided was so impressive. You have taken your own challenges and have come forward with a way to use the information and process to help others…kudos to [Libby] and Patty.

Naomi W.

I was so inspired, relieved and motivated after listening to you…  I had my dad listen to your presentation with me.  Thank you Patty and Libby for opening up this discussion and giving people like myself and my father a tool to communicate such a difficult subject, death.

Audrey K.